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Why monitor your blood pressure at home ?

Blood pressure measured in the doctor’s office is not always accurate. And these days, monitoring your blood pressure in the safety and privacy of your home may be more preferable to going to a doctor's office. The American Heart Association (AHA), the United States Preventive Services Task Force and the Million Hearts Initiative all recommend home blood pressure monitoring prior to the diagnosis of hypertension and for its management.

The BPCorrect home blood pressure monitoring app:

Works with any home blood pressure monitor

Provides step-by-step instructions on how to correctly measure blood pressure

Reminds you to check your blood pressure for a 3-7 day monitoring period

Calculates your average blood pressure for each monitoring period, the value that matters most!

Allows you to share your blood pressure measurements with your doctor

Provides links to information about managing your blood pressure

Why People Choose BPCorrect ?

While many apps help people track and display their blood pressure, measurements taken without proper scheduling, inadequate rest, incorrect positioning, or too many or too few measurements can lead to misleading results. BPCorrect, designed by physicians, is the only app that guides users through a scientific approach to accurately measure blood pressure so that these errors are avoided.

Healthcare Professionals

A complete home blood pressure monitoring platform designed by physicians.


Mobile App

Helps patients accurately measure blood pressure using any monitor


Clinician Portal

Provides actionable data, supports team-based care and revenue cycle management


Complete Remote Monitoring Platform

Engaged patients and improved management of hypertension

Why should you recommend the BPCorrect blood pressure monitoring app to your patients instead of similar apps?

  • Works with any blood pressure monitor
  • Reduces patient anxiety about individual readings by focusing on average blood pressure
  • Presents AHA recommendations for when systolic BP > 180 and/or diastolic > 120
  • Designed by physicians, not programmers, following trusted guidelines from the AHA and European Society of Hypertension
  • Affordable for all; no requirement to purchase a specific blood pressure monitor
  • Facilitates patient-centered care through sharing of blood pressure results via email or the HIPAA-secure Clinician Portal

Why should you use the BPCorrect Clinician Portal?

  • Provides actionable information: patients with uncontrolled blood pressure or those not completing monitoring
  • Allows drill-downs for complete review of patient blood pressure data
  • Facilitates team-based care with multiple practice accounts for clinicians and nurses
  • Supports revenue cycle management for self-measured blood pressure (CPT 99473 and 99474) and remote physiologic monitoring (CPT 99453, 99454, 99457, 99458)

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The BPCorrect home blood pressure monitoring app works with any home blood pressure monitor. However, the app receives blood pressure readings electronically via Bluetooth from a growing list of validated and accurate Bluetooth-connected home monitors:

What people say?

– Patient

I find the blood pressure app easy to use and love that it gives the average blood pressure as recommended by the American Heart Association.

– Patient

I like that the app asks whether I have been at rest for five minutes since I usually don’t do this.

– Patient

I like the reminders in the app since I don’t always remember to check my blood pressure.

– Family Physician

I think this platform is quite helpful since we know office blood pressures are sometimes not representative.

– Family Physician

My patients have been asking me for something like this. They love the idea of being able to monitor their blood pressure at home, and this makes it easy for me to review.

About Us

BPCorrect was created by Dr. Cara Litvin, a general internist, and Dr. Steven Ornstein, a family physician. Drs. Litvin and Ornstein have conducted numerous NIH and AHRQ funded studies focused on improving the diagnosis and management of chronic diseases in primary care settings. The BPCorrect platform evolves directly from their many years of research and clinical experience.